10 May 2011


This totally ripping 1982 recording from ENOLA GAY garnered the following review from Tim Yo: A 12-song studio demo that's well-produced. It's got that chunky drumming that I don't go for too much, but the guitar sound and vocals are real good, and it's real powerful overall. The main problem with Enola Gay is that they rely a bit too much on the basic repetitive thrash struture. More variation would help. More variation? Is the dude crazy? ENOLA GAY's disjointed drum attack makes rhythmic circle pitting a true challenge, but straying away from their 1-2-1-2 primitive thrash attack is the last thing they should do (and thankfully they didn't). And besides, "Systemets Vold" is a nice mid tempo respite from the breakneck pace of the rest of the demo. These are almost the same tracks released as the 317 Nitter demo that earned the above review, and later reissued on the ENOLA GAY 1982-84 LP released by Kick 'n Punch (several were also on BCT #18, I Thrash Therefore I Am), but this recording sounds much rawer (perhaps the LP was just cleaned up/beefed up and the between song banter was eliminated?), the songs are in a slightly different order, and "Guds Børn" is missing from this tape.  Whatever the source for this recording, the result is 19 minutes of brilliant shits from an essential band.


Anonymous said...

these and the lorteland tape are my favorite Enola Gay recordings


a friend of mine released they second demo ive never cared for them myself