30 April 2011


Milwaukee's LEFTY LOOSIE do all of the things that I encourage bands to avoid, and still I loved them. "Jangling melodic Midwestern pop punk with mournful but adorable female vocals" is not a description that would typically have me reaching for the play button, but whether it's their undeniably simple awesomeness or the memories of beer soaked basements...I reach for the play button over and over again. The LP is perhaps even better than this 2006 demo (good luck finding a copy), but these five songs will have to satisfy LEFTY LOOSIE newcomers. Like a naive and awkward THIS IS MY FIST, these songs will sink into you and melt away your hard exterior in the process, because you aren't really all that serious and intense all the time, are you?

Bay Area residents: Come see PALMS SPRING, LIVID, NO STATIK and SOURPATCH tonight at Thrillhouse. Shit starts at 7:30, shit is a benefit for Clitfest DC, and shit is gonna be awesome.

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