01 May 2011


Back when noise punk and raw DBeat were a way of life and not the genre du jour, Michigan's SHITFUCKER pounded out brilliantly gruff metallic DBeat noise with enough fuck you in the monitors to retain their urgency five years down the road. The approach is more anguished and frustrated than intense or furious, and this is a vibe that suits their music well (even if unintentional...no, especially if unintentional). The vocals fit the en vogue mold - hollow and reverbed to shit - while the guitars are more metal than their current comrades...but the more I listen to SHITFUCKER, the more I am struck by how fukkn well they master this relatively simple but strangely elusive raw punk formula. Clearly they spent an excessive amount of time with their GLOOM records, but the importance lies not in how you reach your destination, but simply whether or not you've made it. SHITFUCKER made it years ago, and are currently sitting back with tall cans of Suntory watching everyone else scrambling to reach the same plateau. Perhaps I am making this cassette seem far more grandiose than it actually is...or perhaps right now it just sounds really fukkn good to me.

Also, don't confuse this Michigan band with Oakland's current ragers, SHITTY FUCKER. SHITTY FUCKER released their music on Tank Crimes, but they are not the same band as SHITFUCKER. Tank Crimes impresario Scotty is from Michigan, however, and SHITFUCKER are from Michigan, so I can understand how that might serve to enhance the confusion, but Scotty is not in SHITTY FUCKER, he is just releasing their music, and SHITTY FUCKER are still a totally different band from SHITFUCKER. This clarification will mean little (or nothing) to readers not from (or familiar with) the Oakland/San Francisco area, but it did give me a good excuse to type variations of the words "shit" and "fuck" several more times, which I enjoyed, so thank you for humoring me.


Anonymous said...

dick beat is the man

Shayne McCormick said...

low reverb vocals sound like a fat demon in a good way. killer