29 May 2011


High end piercing distortion and a wash of cymbals hover above jackhammer drums while throat wrenching hoarse vocals strain to be heard above the chaos. Florida's FIRING SQUAD blur lines between primitive black metal and grinding hardcore; the mysterious kvltish presentation, the ASSÜCK worshipping blast beat machine on drums, the Japan circa 1983 guitar squelch all combine forces to make one gorgeous racket. There's a dude from MAUSER in this band, if that is something that appeals to you (and it should).


pressvre said...


lordoftherim said...

mauser= EXTREMELY overhyped. there is also a guy from hellkontroll in there as well. a band which is probably more interesting than Mauser and gets a fraction of the hype or attention. just sayin!

Smug said...

They are actually from Louisiana this band started in Austin, TX. To be hated by all but a select few. The bass is soooo loud your clothes will vibrate!!

Also, Mauser to Firing Squad is apples to oranges: Mauser is a 4 piece Firing Squad is a 2, but more importantly Firing Squad is METAL not D-Beatted Noise.