14 November 2009


Today is Saturday, and I got no plans other than cleaning the house and picking my wife up from the airport.  While I can't exactly carry an "airport arrival" metaphor over to Terminal Escape, I have been doing a bit of housecleaning of previous posts, so here goes:

All the way back to my first post.  Originally I was posting each song as a separate .wav file, which was time consuming for you and me both, and just generally inefficient.  Here's the demo properly mp3'ed and all zipped up.

Same as above. And yeah, Gabe, I know you still want the Violence demo.  It's coming.

Likewise, this one is properly uploaded now. But more importantly, I think this is one of the weirdest (read: best) tapes I've posted, and I think it might have gotten lost in the early days of Terminal Escape.  Hopefully some folks will revisit this one.

Mark from THE SNAPPING BOGSEATS was kind enough to send me a cdr with the complete Feed The People demo, which came with additional art and a song that my tape copy was missing.  The whole thing is available here now, but feel free to drop him a line if you fancy one of your very own.  His email is in the comments section of this post.

This Dutch demo is one of my most ragingest posts, but I rocked the songs a few weeks back and realized that the order was all fucked up and some of the tunes were cut off in a rather annoying manner. Apologies, but it's fixed now.

There's a wealth of info (especially compared to the absolutely nothing I knew about P.M.T. when I posted this tape) in the comments section, but more importantly I've rezipped the demos with the tracks properly named and there is a link to their second demo as well (thanks to System//Sabotage//Chaos for both!).

This compilation was kinda confusing with the track order all jumbled.  Should be sorted out now.

Somebody was kinda drunk when they posted this killer bit of Australian noise torture.  And apparently they forgot to post the second side of the demo, which is (of course) way better than the brilliant A side.  Get assaulted.

Apparently "Son Of A Gun" was corrupt.  That's one of the best songs on the damn tape, and I can't let you people miss out on it!

I know that the newer shit might not appeal to as many folks, but this Texas band fucking kills, and they were kind enough to send a link to their tracks from a recent vinyl release to go along with the demo.  Enjoy.

This one was a mess, as I had tried to guess song titles based on drunken between song banter from the band members at the rehearsal where they recorded this tape.  Suffice to say: my guesses were not exactly correct.  Thankfully, Mark from ASC filled in the gaps, so I've renamed and rezipped the songs, this time as one 19 song download for your ease and convenience.  Mark also sent along a few photos which I've added to the post.

This band of teenagers made one of my favourite tapes ever, so imagine my excitement when Phil from THE CONVULSIONS sent over a whole slew of songs I had never heard before (and some live shits, and even an more awesome version of "Electro Convulsive Therapy")!  These new tracks are now up along with the original demo, with Phil's blessing.  His email is in the comment section, and I bet he would sell you a copy of the CD he's made with all THE CONVULSIONS material.

I came across a few other posts, mostly from the earlier days, that I feel deserve an additional mention.  If nothing else, then perhaps someone new to Terminal Escape might feel inclined to go back and check out a tape they might have missed out on the first time around.  BILE is just a brilliant brilliant mess, I listened to this every day on tour, much to the annoyance of many of my fellow passengers.  New Zealand's SPERMICIDE are a sloppy feminist mess who made a killer tape. QUESTION are one of the best bands in the US currently, absolutely blistering.  And speaking of blistering, A Small Dose Of Anticipatory Retaliation from Australia's 4 THOUSAND MILLION is a total scorcher, and I would hate for it to get overlooked.

That should get us up to date, and now that I've cleaned up my virtual "man room," I think I should put away the dishes.  Cheers.


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you're greta man!!!


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Virtual Man Room would be an excellent name for a blog.