13 November 2009


Friday comp tapes are back, kids! To reward your patience during my recent absence, I'm dishing out a full 90 minutes of 80s punk and hardcore from Retaliation Records.  A few tracks from each band, and this comp has some serious heavyweights like LEGION OF PARASITES (whose tracks on this comp are fucking smoking, even if their sound quality is a little blown out...ok, it's a lot blown out, but the tunes rule), NEGATIVZ (don't know much about them, but they contribute my favorite songs here), Germany's ANEEB with some rudimentary D-Punk, minimal ska from 3/D SCREAM, killer early 80s USHC from THE DETONATORS (the only US band on the comp), brilliant tracks from Greece's EX-HUMANS (I never understand how some bands, like this one, are so totally ignored) and more (I know it's hard to imagine more, but I swear it's true).  I can only assume that Thrasher was indeed a cat, but thankfully this feline had impeccable taste in punk, and I thank her human for putting these bands together for us to enjoy. My tape came with photocopies of the label stickers...so I felt compelled to scan them in for you, which I'm certain everyone will appreciate immensely, right?  Happy compilation listening!


Anonymous said...

thank you for that for sure great comp.

yep ex human is indeed a great band but greece is a bit outlying the punk world, their language & alphabet isn't helping either!
still their demo should still be available from the bluurg tape list/distro thing

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Henk said...

awesome tape! thanks!

always liked obscene females...

johnreysol said...

Please can you upload the song Slow Motion Suicide from Ex Humans from their demo 83 from bluurg records?If somebody have this song in demo please upload.Thanks

Anonymous said...

Put into relation that Greece is small they have the best bands so far, followed by the italians, these blogs are full of it:http://seidis.blogspot.com/search/label/%CE%A7%CE%AC%CF%83%CE%BC%CE%B1
and here italian: