12 November 2009


I did not return from Japan with overflowing bags of cassettes as I had hoped I would, but this one song, one sided demo from Tokyo's SEX pretty well makes up for whatever I might be lacking in the numbers department.  Totally over the top punk/metal done like no one outside of Japan could even dream of.  Screaming guitar riffs, drums that gallop along like...well, like Japanese hardcore drums (which are, it must be said, pretty metal), and those vocals!! This singer is what makes this song totally indispensable, he sounds exactly fucking like Baki from GASTUNK, and that is some seriously high praise.  Just one look at these kids should tell you that SEX is a total winner, even though (or perhaps because) the title of their demo is Vagina Fucker (When the bcaking vocals start chanting the chorus in unison, one can't help but smile).  They look like X JAPAN crossed with Shout At The Devil era CRUE, and they sound like any number of 80s Japanese bands (think GASTUNK, MOBS and other hardcore bands that took a wrong turn around 1988) through a filter of glam and American metal...brilliant.  If nothing else, this track will mystify you, but with any luck you'll love it as much as I do.

a live shot from 2007, in case you still need any convincing: 


Zach said...

Cool post. I dig this band quite a bit. Their name is actually "SEX -Virgin Killer-" and besides this demo they have two CDs and a promo VHS/DVDR out in Japan. I totally recommend their releases for fans of the bands you mentioned (GASTUNK, X JAPAN, etc).

Zak said...

I definately smiled during the chorus before I even read your post. Only in Japan... only in Japan... sigh. I love Japan.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this mighty ripper...but only one song? Noooo!!!!!!