18 November 2009


Bristol's SMILES fall right in line with CONVULSIONS among bands that have came out of the shadows of the past and knocked me right out of my seat.  These four simple songs are shoved right down your throat; up yer arse UK punk..."Junkie" is such a brilliant burner that it's worth the whole tape (unfortunately the song cuts off before its natural end...ordinarily I might have left it off the post, but the song is too fucking good).  This might be a tired statement by now on Terminal Escape, but I don't know anything at all about this band, so any information would be appreciated.  I have two tapes from 1985 and a pretty rough 50 minute rehearsal demo...all great stuff, but this demo takes the prize.  Enjoy!


Henk said...

Cool. Thanks!!

diego said...

this is sickeningly punk!!
add more smiles stuff please!!!!
ahhh your blog is great!!!!