19 November 2009


Someone mentioned this New York band in a comment on the NERVESKADE post, and I was reminded that I hadn't listened to this bad boy in quite a while.  So I listened to it.  It's still noisy as shit. 6 tracks of rehearsal room recorded raw punk chaos from PERDITION...enough said.


Anonymous said...

First demo, nice!

They also have a West Coast Tour tape that is the same as their first 7" plus a few tracks.

There's an East Coast Tour Tape with the tracks from their tentative 2nd 7" on Distort Reality, apparently a bunch of em are fucked up - the dub came out sped up and trebbly.

and there is another older tape that is a split with Dawn of Humans, another raging nyc punk band.

Anonymous said...


varning footage

Anonymous said...

the Australian Band Is Better

Dana Gouch said...

Hey my band played with them in chicago. check us out


or find us on last.fm

the wizard said...