15 November 2009


An excellent dark punk demo from OUT OF ORDER.  They appeared on a couple of comps after this tape was released in 1983, but I don't think they ever made it onto a vinyl release of their own (please correct me if I'm wrong).  This reminds me of UK DECAY quite a bit, especially "Parental Upbringing,"and it seems that OUT OF ORDER could have easily gone a less punk, more new wave route, but fortunately for us, this tape is quality mid tempo brooding punk.  Highlights include the scorching "Sent To Slaughter" and the KILLING JOKE-esque "Death Trap." Hi-quality shits for your Sunday, enjoy!

Also...for those who haven't checked it out, there's a killer blog that concentrates on Eastern European punk (specifically Czech Republic and Slovakia). Muzika Komunika is one of my favorite blogs, and today's F.P.B. post put them over the top.  Certainly among the best European bands ever, in my opinion, and you should really check it out.


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Pogel said...

There is a hardcore American band of the same name. They were an excellent band and did put out records.