10 September 2009


I don't really know how to describe DIE TROTTEL....they are probably Hungary's longest running punk band, though the music they played into the '90s I certainly wouldn't call punk. This, their first demo from 1988 (I think?), is a mix of rudimentary punk and bizarre psychedelic sparseness. The first track is over 8 minutes long, but the punk parts of the songs are blistering, and it runs right into "Hosi Halott" which is full of spoken word and meandering riffs that would have fit in rather well on 29:29 Split Vision were it not for the harsh and frustrated female vocals that make this band even more unique than they would be otherwise. Three songs on side 2: the first meddles with some rock songwriting, but then blasts back into killer three chord punk; the second track is recorded horribly, and if this weren't an early recording of Hungarian punk, then I probably would have left it off, but historically I figure it's worth a listen; side 2 wraps up with a two minute scorcher, galloping punk with the best performance from the singer on the whole demo. If you're interested, the band/collective still exists, though primarily as a label. Otherwise, just enjoy these five tunes from DIE TROTTEL.



the best Hungarian punk would have to be cpg they only did one demo in 83 before they were sent to prison in 84 for anti government and anti communist views i hae there i'll post tommorow on my blog.

the wizard said...

yeah, I really like the CPG demo, but I only have it on CD, so sadly I can't post it. fortunately for (our) fans, you will take care of it! thanks...

Manfred Mumpelputz said...

You will find more old recordings of Trottel on


and if you are interested in old hungarian punk:


cheers and thank you for your bloglink!