02 September 2009


The only thing wrong with this demo is that it only has two songs. This Providence, Rhode Island band made a handful of these after their first recording to get people like me fired up. It totally worked. Even after my friend left the band, I was still floored by their combination of 90s hardcore (the kind that was almost emotional, but still took your head off) and pure chaos, all channelled through the mind of kids living in an art school haven (Providence did give us KITES and LIGHTNING BOLT, after all). Their records are few, but all well worth your time, get 'em.



wish i could get into new music ive tried and have yet to find a new band get's me excited.i do listen the new stuff from older bands but even that doesn't doo much for me.


do you have any demos from the uk band revulsion

the wizard said...

i've got no REVULSION stuff, sorry.

I've heard plenty of people over the years say basically the same thing about "old" punk vs. new, but for me there are so many worthwhile bands making music today. Even if some of the current punk/hardcore bands might not have the same staying power 20 years down the road, popping in a ld tape, or downloading a file, or even finding an elusive EP, can never match the energy of seeing a truly great band live. And while it is fun talking to people about the past (especially when you get to talk to people that were involved in creating what we know as "the past"), i never want to be one that pines wistfully abut glory days or yesteryear, there's too much great shit being created NOW. You live in SF, right? I probably go to 2-3 shows a week here (and I still miss out on tons of shit), and not once when I'm getting up for work at 5:45 with my ears still ringing and a possible hangover, needing about 4 more hours of sleep that I managed to steal away from the night....not once do I wish I had stayed home.