29 September 2009


Noise, noise, noise!!  According to legend, these Dutch punks never practiced or wrote any songs, or even played their instruments before they started recording their bursts of magic.  A full 90 minutes of complete nonsensical chaos, with tracks like "You Stink," "New Hitler Arrives," "Fat Jesus Laughing," and almost 30 others.  Songs range in length from 25 second eruptions to a couple of painful 9+ minute messes.  This is seriously trying, but incredible all the same, I believe that their earlier releases (this tape from 1985, is the sixth SECOND AUSCHWITZ outburst) are even more chaotic...so of course I would love to hear those if anyone has access. Put on your patience caps, and congratulations if you can endure the whole hour and a half...this one is is pretty amazing!


Aesop said...

Love this so much. Just proves that practice and arrangements and musical theory are a scam. I have wasted my life.

Curious Guy said...

Main man is Jan van de Einden who ran WW Tapes. The first tape I think is the "Your Pet Cassette": 39 songs on a 15 mins. tape. then followed 2 live tapes: "No Applause" (for an audience of 8 people) and "Zyklon in Belgium" (a 90 mins. tape). Then there's "Porca Dio", a 5 mins. tape (19 songs) only available between 25-12-84 and 01-01-85. Next one is "Agent Orange".
He also released a few comp. tapes with live recordings of Alternative, The System, Flux Of Pink Indians, Subhumans ("Causes For Concern" & "Human Conflict") as well a few with poetry/spoken word e.g Andy T. Jan himself and even painters like Salvador Dali (the "Vorderingen" double cassette, "Wanklank Eener Natie" & "Discussiestukken Van De Stalinistische School"). Also a tape by acoustic punk/noise band De Doodvreters.
Wish I could hear all of them.

the wizard said...

Fuck Yes! that's what I call a wealth of information! I only dread that now i KNOW there is so much more of this genius I will likely never hear. Thanks heaps for the background, I'll post the other demo I have from SECOND AUSCHWITZ (the 7th installment I believe) in the future.

Curious Guy said...

Got all the info from Dutch magazine Vinyl(collectable these days). It was mostly a new wave zine but it also had a page on the underground cassette scene. Seems that Jan v.d. Einden sent his tapes for review.
The 7th tape should be "Murderers" then.
Also found out he did a collage tape called 'Enver Hoxha Memorial" with recordings of Radio Tirana mixed with US propaganda.
He also released 4 1-sided tapes (all 60 mins.) of a similar band called Beatricks.
It was all rooted in punk but with a twist of dada.
Always good to know I can provide info. Glad I didn't throw those zines away!

the wizard said...

oohhh, I know Vinyl magazine, if only for the flexis that came with the issues (the A FLUX IN 3D record I got last time I was in Amsterdam is fkkn amazing). good for us that you kept the old issues! thanks again for the background.

Anonymous said...

Hello Earthlings,
Reading your comments it sounds like it was some band. Believe me: musically we weren't! Had lots of fun though, some 25 years ago.
Jan vd Einden (former lead singer of the lot)

the wizard said...

thanks for commenting, and certainly it does seem that you were having loads of fun! drop me a line if you've got the time, I would love to hear some of your other messes (er, I meant "recordings") and perhaps even check out the zine(s) mentioned in the above comments...if you still have any of them handy, that is.


abortus666 said...

reupload pls :'(

the wizard said...