11 September 2009


Five song anarcho punk tape from 1982. ANARKA AND POPPY play tuneful female fronted punk, and if they had stuck together longer or produced more recordings than they did, I imagine they would be far more important than they are. According to their brief bio at KFTH, they recorded for an EP on CONFLICT's label in 1983, but it never saw a proper release (interestingly, the EP was to consist of three of the five songs on this demo), they released a live tape as well, also featuring most of these same tunes. "Acceptance" certainly reigns as may favorite track here, but all five are great...this one will get stuck in your head for days.


andyroopunk said...

i have the 3 tracks from the ep and 3 unmixed versions of the same songs,along with a brief bio of the band,heres a link to the upload if you want it,cheers


onechord said...


kudos for uploadind anarka & poppy stuff!

by the way, any chance to upload the Take It For Life cassette?

keep doing such a great blog!

Sean K said...

Hey all :)

Sean here (ex anarka and poppy) below is a link to the three track ep "If it Dies we Die" that was recorded for All the Madmen records all those years back!

..nice blog btw