08 September 2009


I've got two ADMASS tapes. One of them (this one) is titled ADMASS DEMO 1, while the other is titled (rather geniusly) ADMASS DEMO 2. Those crazy punks, who knows what they will think of next! This rehearsal tape comes from 1982, and is an ultra raw anarcho punk gem. Eight tracks in all (though it's possible after further research that "Cunts" and "Gary Bushell" are parts of the same song, making the total number of tunes seven instead of eight? It's hard to tell, and after scouring the World Wide Web for info for a few drunken hours, I'm rather inclined to declare that I'm not really all that bothered either way), and this basic and rough practice punk makes me feel fucking fantastic, especially as I listen to this after spending hours in band practice earlier this evening. ADMASS play totally out of tune and awkward sounding punk that was recorded when I was 10 years old...there's something insanely cool about listening to this now. Perhaps it's that I just went to see a live electronic "band" (after punk practice was over), and I need to remind myself that punk is awesome before I go to sleep? Or perhaps it's that no matter how sloppy and wonderful, punk is simply awesome.

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