22 September 2009


Raging Japanese thrash/hardcore from the Tokyo area. This was recorded in 2006, and the band is still killing it (I get to see them again in just a few weeks!). Here's a short clip of them live, and though the sound isn't the best, you can see that vocalist Mau is a treat to watch on stage. For anyone who pays attention, Mau is from the early '00s Tokyo band LiE, who had great and often overlooked records on 625, but personally when I saw FLIPOUT A.A I knew that they had managed to reach the heights that LiE were striving for. Four songs, rage on.


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Zak said...

I was listening to this thinking, boy does he sound like the dude from LiE. Then I read the post. Ha! I should read the posts more thouroughly. Thanks for all the treats. Work is so much more interesting with your blog.