23 September 2009


INSTIGATORS should need no introduction. One of my favourite 80s UK punk bands, with releases on US and European labels reaching into the '90s. These tracks appeared in different versions on 1984's Nobody Listens Anymore LP, though "Not Free" is called "Free" on that record (as a side note: I always found it curious that the song "The Blood Is On Your Hands" was not included on The Blood Is On Your Hands EP that was also released in 1984, but was included on the LP). To me, the most interesting thing about this recording is the studio censoring on "The Blood Is On Your Hands," bleeping out lyrics in the first verse. The songs you have surely heard before, but hopefully these (slightly rougher demo) versions of 25 year old punk tunes will tickle your fancy. INSTIGATORS rule.


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White Rose said...

Their "Nobody Listens Anymore" is absolutely brilliant.