18 September 2009


This one is a total killer, if I do say so myself. The bands I was already familiar with pretty put Punk Invasion in the "win" column: SCREAM (DC), FUNERAL DRESS (Belgium) , COWBOY KILLERS (Wales), CULTURE SHOCK (England), and the mighty fucking Japanese band THE CRUCK, who deliver tracks as good as their offerings on Get Back The Discharged Arrow LP. But I was also treated to my first exposure to THE WORMS from Finland, brilliant songs from D.S.S. (West Germany), and Swedes SPEED TEAM. The title says "World HC Sampler," and that's exactly what you get!


Henk said...

cool one indeed! some Cowboy Killers I did not heard before + some awesome tunes from DSS

your effort is way more appreciated than the small amount of comments you get ;)

again - thanks!!!

the wizard said...

henk, it's not the quantity of comments, of course, but rather the quality. Cheers!
(what did you think of the CRUCK tracks? I have them on a couple of compilation LPs, but I am hoping that somehow, magically, someday, that their demo recordings will fall from the sky and into my waiting hands!)