04 July 2017


Do I really need to extrapolate on these Japanese DBeat/crust veterans in these pages? I mean, most of you probably have had these sounds dancing around inside your earholes for years already, but in the interest of making sure, here's BATTLE OF DISARM. An unofficial fan compilation sold for cheap with tracks from splits with MASSKONTROLL, SUBCAOS, SNIFTER, FLEAS & LICE, KATASTROFIALUE, and HYLKIO, along with the In The War and Anti-Vivisection EPs. And man, these tracks still rage fukkn hard - ripping this tape put me on a '90s Japanese crust bender for two days. 


Anonymous said...

Perfect for July 4 in USA... but no link!

Anonymous said...

thanks, but you forgot to post the link, cheers

the wizard said...

Oops. Rectified. America.