31 January 2023



Based on analytical analysis, most of you have missed out on the recent vinyl slab from Reno, Nevada's ROTARY CLUB (all hail digital technology - the folks at Iron Lung HQ have a digital version for your ear holes). Two doses of precision punk that learn from the lessons of the masters without plagiarizing, it's a truly perfect punk single and I cannot recommend it enough....but this blog is (still) about tapes, and ROTARY CLUB crammed some of their magic into a little red plastic shell last year and I just can not get enough of this shit. You're going to hear folks throw around the KBD tag a lot and I'm certainly not going to disagree even though it doesn't tell the whole story. This shit is thick and sassy and it swings like nothing I've heard in forever, but it also hits hard and the songs are a master class in punk song craft. Like....what if KARP did a record on DANGERHOUSE in 1979? Think for a minute about how that might feel, because ROTARY CLUB do it like that. Then consider that all of the lyrics are land line telephone themed and you have something (a band? a project? ...a movement?) that's only scratching the surface of something great. 

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