18 November 2022



Hard to decide where this one *should* go, but I make my own rules here at TEHQ so I decided that it's gonna live with the compilations, mix tapes and various artists recordings that tend to pop up on Fridays. Could just as easily live over at Escape Is Terminal since the recordings are live, and all three bands are absolutely raw and wild enough to justify a Monday appearance on this page...but I make my own rules here at TEHQ, so this is the place. A hand-me-down from Music Not Noize (thanks for the sounds), Live At Vöns captures three manic Latvian bands annihilating a rehearsal space 28 years ago today - it was my first exposure to all three, and I immediately wanted to dig into all of them. VONOSONOLOPPUS blaze through 18 songs in just over a quarter hour, manic blasting hardcore that would have been right at home in Redwood City, while REPTILS are a rock band but...weird. I can't place them and even though their songs are probably my least favorite they're the ones I keep returning to, if only because I want to contextualize them. A scant ten minutes from ČAPAJEVS VAGONS; neanderthal pogo stomps that sound wasted and mean...like a party that's always teetering on the edge of violence. They made their own rules over at Vöns, and I'm grateful.



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Mišo said...

Thanx for rip of this tape. I got one copy directly from Edgars Embers from Ö-Productions, when I booked show for his band GRUPA VILNIS in Bratislava couple yeas ago. If you are into Latvian punk scene, you can check also: http://muzika-komunika.blogspot.com/2015/12/interview-with-dambis-inokentijs-marpls.html