23 November 2022



Just a(nother) reminder that 1990s DIY punk and hardcore was inventive, interesting and just generally not typical - if only because folks hadn't decided what typical even was (yet). Sometimes not following the rules resulted in unlistenable drivel and sometimes not following the rules meant inventing your own shit, figuring out what was which or which was both...? That was the whole point. Seattle's BLOOD BROTHERS were surely a combination and/or consolidation of concepts, and I have a hard time imagining a band like this (or the 2022 version of this) forming in the post-internet era if only because everything you hear here can now be collected and mutated in the space of an afternoon...but this shit is marinated, not regurgitated, and you can tell. You hear Revolution Summer crashing into the San Diego bands that were influenced by Revolution Summer - layers of vocals and chaotic all over the place riffs and it was never really my thing exactly but this record intrigued me when it came out. I think I only grabbed it because it was on Hopscotch - the same label responsible for this (the tape has the four songs from the first EP) and MURDER CITY DEVILS had also released the SUBMISSION HOLD/SAKÉ split and full lengths from APEFACE and RUN FOR YOUR FUCKING LIFE and I'm not saying that present day hardcore doesn't rule (because it does...it really does), but sometimes it's cool to look back and just go....damn, you know? Also, I doubt that's still Mike's phone number on the tape, but if someone calls him, tell him thanks for inviting us to play that fest in Tijuana in 1998, because that shit was wild as fuck. Saw my first kidnapping that day. 

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