13 November 2022


Still can't figure out what exactly sets FRENTE NORTE apart from the pack. Tough and gruff punk that lands somewhere between CRIMINAL DAMAGE and Deluxe Bias, followed by a track that sounds like 2004-era FUCKED UP reinterpreting an outtake from Rio Grande Mud. There's one more cut after that, an Oi! inspired mid-tempo groover that makes you really question what is happening. Guitar leads are constant and squirrelly, and the vocals are the perfect combination of tough 'n gruff. For the folks who need a little more stripped down rock 'n roll in their punk or bit of ramshackle COCK SPARRER in their FOGHAT perhaps - FRENTE NORTE sound like no one else, maybe because they're from....Ohio.

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Fabio D. said...

Rotten bestiality!
Thanks heaps.