14 January 2022



Rescued this one from a collection of tapes a friend was going to part with (all I ask is this: "if you're going to put them in the trash or take them to a thrift store, just let them pass through my hands before they go"), and I was instantly glad that I did. As the title suggests, these are Vancouver bands; circa early 1990s (when said friend more or less stopped giving a shit about punk) with heavy emphasis on the riot grrl bands of the era. Some killer under the radar (or at least under my radar) bands that I would have loved had I heard them then....and I love them no less hearing them for the first time now. You just can't describe the excitement of discovering music like this. Of course, someone was meant to press play on a tape curated specifically for them instead of a tape that they essentially pulled out of the trash - but it's no less exciting. It's like downloading a file and the computer chirps when that bar hits 100%. Pretty much exactly like that. 

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Jimmy said...

Nice, I know the guy who played drums in Kreviss. Can't wait to check this out, cheers!