31 July 2021


If you were even casually tuned into the USDIYHC Internet in 2020, then you heard about PLANET ON A CHAIN. Back in early Covid times, the folks from MUTILATED TONGUE recorded ten songs and shipped them off to Texas to get the treatment from Dave Ackerman (TEAR IT UP, OBEDIENCE, animal control, etc). Dave gave it the treatment, and the result was twelve of the best minutes in USHC for all of 2020...then Blind Rage slapped that tape on wax and it became twelve of the best minutes in USHC in 2021, too. I can't really shower any more praise on this recording than the USDIYHC Internet already has, but it's all warranted. Shit, if this were a one song tape and the song was "Counterattack," then I would still probably drool all over this motherfucker like I just did.

Lots of links in that post - this one is still for sale virtually and physically from the band and the label. 
You know how this shit works. 

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