26 July 2021



Santa Rosa gets left out of conversations about "Bay Area" punk way too often. It's a solid hour away from SF (without traffic), but it's definitely a part of the same general metropolitan area...even though it's a different world in many ways. First time I played there was in '95 with SCHLONG, and we felt like we were in some backwoods town in Tennessee when we rolled up, but it also felt like the Bay Area. These observations are all just excuses to share B-WARD's 2017 tape, of course, because no matter how you want to classify the place geographically, the town has produced some good ass bands, like B-WARD. Three cuts here - no bullshit, hard hitting dark punk. Two burners and a howling misty stomp called "Silent Scream." Also, I work with a guy who refers to Santa Rosa as "god's country," which I just think is kinda weird.

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