30 July 2021



Not Normal is straight up one of the best punk labels in North America. Understated and too often under the radar, with a roster that's just stacked beyond belief, folks just keep cranking out bangers (most recently from MISTER, so I guess I'm back on Milwaukee trip...kinda) and they never seem to disappoint.  And since we're on the subject of "not disappointing," this Bughouse i jammer from 2015 is pretty much unstoppable. Almost forthy cuts from AMERICAN HATE ("Forever In Debt" might just steal the whole comp, so listen for that shit), LEECH, YOUTH SUCKS, OTHERIZED, THE FLOOR ABOVE, MYSTIC INANE, BOOTS, ORDEN MUNDIAL...not to mention BUGG , THE BUG and SLUGBUGS. There's more, of course: TENEMENT, BAGHEAD, NEGATIVE SCANNER, FOGG's "Childryn" is probably the biggest "wtf?" moment and I'm sure I'm missing something but the shit is all killer. I repeat - Not Normal rules. 

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