01 November 2020



A friend was downsizing recently, and jettisoned a few tapes to lighten his load (I strongly encourage this practice, especially when they are jettisoned into my open arms, because then they won't languish in obscurity....they will be loved and shared). In addition to a few doses of dark and/or sexual noise, this split from Baltimore was in the pile, and I keep returning to it, perhaps because I like hearing things that are different, especially if they are good. Both terms are relative of course, and "different" for me means primarily that this is just not what I listen to - mildly melancholic anti-folk, adolescent and unabashedly sweet. BOY SPIT have built their sound on a foundation of Lou Reed and Adam Green, while EXPERT ALTERATIONS have probably heard THE WEDDING PRESENT more than a few times, and both bands just kinda warm your ears up. "Dear Thomas should have ended the split, because it is rather magical, but I also don't mind a dose of magic in the middle of Side B. That is never something I will complain about. 

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