24 November 2020



Gainesville, Florida. Early 2000s. Discordant DIY emotional hardcore. Recording is all fucked up, the guitar is sloppy and cranked way too high in the mix. Vocals have that anguished/gruff quality but could transfer seamlessly to a non-emo hardcore band, so they never totally fit. The bass walks the careful line between blurts and noodles and the drums are doing some shit but they are totally buried so you can't really tell what it is for the most part. But you see, none of these observations are complaints or even critiques, because they are what make REACTIONARY 3 sound interesting some two decades later. Just some kids, punching above their collective weight and going real hard - that's what I want. Now listen to that guitar dominate "Since I Quit My Job" like '84 Mould just showed up to a '04 FUGAZI rehearsal and brought all of his amps. Like...all of them. 

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