30 November 2020



I don't know who put this one together, but I would like to thank them...and I'm guessing you will too. I first thought this could be the '83 demo, but a quick scan of some bootleg comps proved me wrong. A couple of these tracks are on the Original Music For A Generic World LP, (a sneaky ripper that maybe remains under the radar because it's on Enigma?), a few made it onto a GTA boot in the '90s, but ultimately I don't know shit about the recording. Source notwithstanding, this collection of cuts from Huntington Beach hardcore PLAIN WRAP...? Well, it fukkn rips. And ultimately, that should be enough. 

Should go without saying, but they lose a ton of points for the cringe worthy "She's Ugly," but I'm gonna write it off to the 1980s and Orange County. Not an excuse, but likely an explanation....

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