14 March 2019


Quite literally the only negative thing I can say about this tape is that there are only two songs.  PELTERAS play aggressive, driving goth punk with some of the best bass lines in the game, everything was so on point that I actually stood up from my chair and exclaimed "yes!" about 30 seconds into "Meranggas." Brooding and powerful vocals seem to direct their power inward, and the guitars here are ripped straight from the grooves of the greats....PELTERAS are just damn near perfect. All I want from this Indonesian band is more. 


Anonymous said...

Oi, the link at the bottom of the post goes to Youtube also, instead of a download link.

the wizard said...

Shit - rectified. Thanks for the flag (as always), and hopefully the link just led you to more live videos....because that's how I got lost when I was posting. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Much thanks! Thanks for the link fix, and thanks for all the posts. Long time listener, rare commenter, constant admirer and appreciator (even if i end up only digging a few stuff here and there).