26 March 2019


I like that people are taking these tired rehashes and making them sound new and important. Sure, Australia's NYLEX play "goth punk" or "dark punk" or whatever moniker I (and too many like me) have been guilty of slapping on any new band with single note flanged guitar melodies and a snappy post-disco beat, and sure, NYLEX more or less sound like they dropped out of 1986, and that's likely their intent. But listen closer....listen to those fuzzed out bass lines (the actual focal point of this demo, to my ears anyway), listen to the vocals (part spoken word, part subdued shouts), listen to those aforementioned guitar melodies and those extra snappy drums, and note that most of this demo is faster than it "should" be (aside from the morose 17 Seconds-esque "Heavy Air" of course). I like that there are bands not just making the past feel new, they are making it feel important...making it feel like the present. Because it is. 

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