13 March 2019


Y'all remember this band? I do. Always seemingly just under the radar, but furiously intense live - so much so that every time I saw them I thought "why is this band seemingly under the radar?" Liz's vocals bring up thoughts of BLACK FORM and LOS CANADIANS, which is to say catchy and tuneful but full of dirt and anger. Check the guitar lead on "Missing Pills" and tell me how a band can drop that lead into that song and know it's gonna be OK? I mean, it's more than OK, it's fukkn great....I just don't understand how someone can have that kind of vision. Demo tracks are predictably raw, then you hear the band get faster and tighter as they move to wax ("Higher Standards" - I mean....come on). So yeah...if you don't remember LIBYANS, then today is the day to start learning. 

This 2009 tape has pretty much everything....well, everything up to 2009 anyway. 

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adamcrisis said...

so good, wish theyd stuck around longer