23 March 2019


I was turned off at first....a German band seemingly themed around the struggle of Native Americans just rubbed me kind of wrong. Like a cooption of sorts, it just didn't make sense. What does make sense after full exploration, however, is BRONCO LIBRE. I's not that they are good (and mind you, they are really good), it's that the thematic focus of the band heartfelt and honest, and it made me pause to think about all of the the "international" issues that First World political bands casually dip their feet into. BRONCO LIBRE dive in to the experience and the struggle lyrically, an attempt to identify more than empathize, and I leave this demo feeling stronger than I did when I pressed play....that's a serious accomplishment. That means you broke through. That means I'm coming back for more. Sonically there are similarities to NEON PISS, OBSERVERS, and high energy punk with a penchant for insanely catchy songs and killer guitars structures (the clean, the jangly, the distorted...all dancing together in harmony - it's like a metaphor for the life we want to live). I don't just recommend listening, I recommend learning. 

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