24 March 2019


It seems to defy logic that I have not already posted this demo, but search engines don't lie....do they? There was a time back in the middle of the '00s that NW Indiana punks dominated all mutant conversations about cool, so much so that I entered my first CONEHEADS show with generally blah expectations. I got my ass handed to me. Supposedly the combination of BIG ZIT and OOZE were really the kings of the region (and maybe no coincidentally, the most hardcore of the lot, including the bands that followed), but CONEHEADS, C.C.T.V., DAGGER, LIQUIDS....the shit all rules man. There are more, to be sure, but I am an old and out of touch man, and they aren't making this shit for me - they are making it for their mutant friends. 1970s DEVO reincarnated, DEAD MILKMEN but faster and not as dorky, cerebral punk for drunk teenagers....just good, fast music. And if I've already posted this tape, then I'm not sorry. 

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