20 March 2019


 Come on. It's like POWER TRIP but with way more SLAYER, and Reforestation Records has still never let me down so you know you're about to get slaughtered. I've listened to Sacrifice more times than I can count, and I still start mentally moshing every time "Death Leads Us" kicks in....because it's a track that mandates moshing. COMBAT SHOCK made a tape for 17 year old me, for the 17 year old inside of you, and they made it to remind us all that there is a reason people all over the world shit themselves for knuckle dragging TPDM (ThrashPowerDeathMetal): because TPDM is fukkn great. I look to Russia for the future past, and for more of the past in the future. Listen to the opening 70 seconds of "Doomsday" and objectively evaluate your existence.

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Robin said...

This rips. Thanks!