14 August 2017


Straight up: I want to see this band in the flesh. Not many outfits pull off something truly original, something that sounds like them, and one listen to 2004's Flashing Open makes it clear that PLASTIC CRIMEWAVE SOUND were accomplishing this feat right out of the gate. Plenty of PINK FLOYD, plenty of fuzzed out acid rock, but I get an overwhelming feeling of honesty when I listen...nothing contrived. The Oblivion Programme is from 2013, and shows these Chicago freeks driving a little faster and hitting a little harder at times, but they no less blissed out, and the shoegaze set could learn a few lessons from tracks like "Mother Sidewalk." 


kingpossum said...

Amazing. These cats have some Les Rallizes Denudes box sets laying about at home. And that's a very good thing. Hearty thanks for the phenomenal post.

Blacktooth said...

Plastic Crimewave (the man himself) is to psych/acid/fuzz-rock what you are to punk/metal/blackmetal/weirdness/electonics/ambient/noise/knuckledrag/ushc/worldwidehardcore...etc.
complete dedication to the music, the sounds, and the people that make said sounds. Glad to see these two worlds cross on this post. Cheers!