22 August 2017


There's a reason why some things are revered. Get into a time machine and tell the kid whole snagged the Police Bastard EP at a gig in the Midwest that he would be driving DOOM to Los Angeles for a couple of gigs and that kid would likely look very confused....and then he would laugh in your face. Just a short jaunt, Oakland last night, Lancaster tonight, and LA tomorrow - and a whole shitpile of crust. This is the Malarie version of DOOM's 1996 Rush Hour Of The Gods LP - just to remind you that the material released after their "prime" (including 2013's Corrupt Fucking System) is every bit as mandatory as that single I picked up 25 years ago. Volume is essential. 


ido said...

Thank you. Awesome you got to drive the band around. And yes, this is mandatory.

Blacktooth said...

I searched the internet for a version of this album that didn't have everything recorded in the red. My lame mutant brain couldn't accept that this was how this album should sound. I thought I was getting shitty downloads. Including a version I bought from the label. I wanted more d-beat low end and bass. After many years (seriously, many years at this point) and many listens I realize the only way to hear this album is in all of it's high-end face-melting beauty. So raw. So fierce. Cheese-grate my ears and stick my brain with tattoo-machines. That's the sound of this album. Not the only album by this legendary outfit, but one of my favorite albums by them. Hands down. This one even scares off the "die-hard" crusties!!! Didn't have to download it here, but glad to see it posted! Cheers!!