10 August 2017


A few months ago I attended an excellent gathering in Oklahoma City. I have mentioned this gathering before in print, on the internet, and in person, but the thing that made this gathering so fukkn cool is that no one was really cool. There was one band that thought they were cool, it was kinda obvious, and they mostly kept to themselves. Because in that context, thinking you are cool is kinda lame and decidedly not cool at all. One of the least cool, and therefore coolest, bands I saw that weekend was BEYOND PEACE. Also, they are one of the fiercest, most intense and purest hardcore bands I have seen in recent memory. Period. I cannot remember when I have been so instantly and completely floored - I just sat there with my mouth agape clenching my fists while they raged....because it was real. And it wasn't cool at all. It was desperate. 

take it back I dare you to

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