15 August 2017


This band mostly skipped me by in the moment. I mean, if you were active in the '90s then you surely heard about them, if only because the name was really good (in a fukk why didn't we think of that? way). And then I get a tape of their 1994 full length (well, most of it), and it's great. The introspective and pre-emo earnest nature of so much '90s USDIY is a thing that's hard to describe, because sometimes 2.5 CHILDREN sound like an angry hardcore band, but there are tons of whoa-ohhhs and hooks all over the place, and the whole thing just sounds personal in a way that totally takes me back. Tape includes all but a couple of tracks from the Nonmachineable LP and a few other bits as listed cryptically on the cover (CITIZEN FISH tracks omitted for future posting). If you are from my era then you likely do not need this, because you likely already have this....but if you missed it like me, or if you are under the age of 30 and like DIY hardcore and punk? Well then...you know what you need to do. 

I sat in my parents house remembering my childhood - I played my guitar and sang another sad song about how I wish that life was different in so many ways that I could cry myself to sleep. 

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