27 August 2017


The flip side of the handmade tape with STAMMERING CHILDISH CANTICLES posted a while ago, these four tracks are from another dimension. The late '80s alt/college rock swing seeps through this, with airy guitars and borderline pretentiously delivered vocals and sweet melodies....but it's all kinda primitive, and these jams were recorded in 1984, years before that style took over the airwaves and every teenager had wavy bangs drifting over their brow. Keyboards and synths, and OCEAN BLUE vibe in "Kenneth Anger," and even one actual (though awkward) burner to keep the thing grounded. Maybe more interesting as an artifact than as a piece of essential listening...but isn't that really why you're here anyway?

These songs (plus one more) were released by Flying Nun as The Grotesque Singers 12" in 1985. 

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K said...

This is some cool, ramshackle '80s psych (really dig the jangle trip of "Sunflower"). What a Flying Nun curio!