21 August 2017


Saw these freeks tonight in Oakland. A flash in the pan project that consisted of two rehearsals, five tracks (one is a cover), one demo (this one, duh), and one gig (tonight, duh) with NOSFERATU, STERILE MIND and PROVOKE. That show ended about three hours ago, and I figured the band's life cycle should be completed with an urgency that compliments their existence. To further encourage hesitant visitors/listeners, this quartet is/was made up of people who are or have been members of: CCTV, THE WORLD, MOZART, BIG ZIT, OOZE, NEON, HOLIDAYS IN UNITED STATES, LIFE STINKS, PANG, PENNY MACHINE, CONEHEADS and likely many others. Listen...and then go make your own band.

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kingpossum said...

Cover art is fucking mega.