17 August 2017


The '90s were a weird time, man. Bands like HUMAN existed by the thousands, underground and DIY (out of necessity), they cranked out stadium ready hard rock cut on the teeth of their idols...and then they quietly went back to their garages, walked into the house (literally and figuratively) and started families, destined to only to dust off their battle axes for the occasional cover set at the sports bar in the strip mall. But the thing is...there are some gems in those files of faded self released cassettes filling Salvation Army 50¢ bins. I'm not saying Pleasanton, California's HUMAN are one of those gems, but there's an alternate version of 1994 in which they are opening for METALLICA on the ReLoad tour, vocalist ready to step into Layne Staley's shoes at the drop of a plunger...just in case. I'm guessing if these guys had avoided the introspection and just concentrated on thrashing then this tape would be a legit banger, but....like I said, the '90s were a weird time, man. 

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Anonymous said...

Wow. This was my band. I was 15 when we recorded this demo in a garage studio in Pleasanton, CA. Blows my mind to think this is still out there in the world.