11 January 2015


While I hesitate to call WŁOCHATY "legendary," their quarter century of Polish anarcho punk should certainly put them in that category. Multiple vocals spitting far left politics amid a blur of lightning speed angular hardcore, lazy horns lurking (mostly) in the background, and a presentation that is the very embodiment of "in your face." WŁOCHATY liberally use samples and interludes to break up the flow of Wojna Przeciwko Ziemi (War Against The Earth) - take the more than two minute intro to "Ostatni," for example - which helps the feeling that your are listening to a complete thing...because you are. This 1996 release might be my favorite of theirs (Droga Oporu is very very worth your time as well), there's something about the combination of UK anarcho (think the choppy, CRASS-esque approach) and sharp Eastern European punk that hits just about every nerve. 

Still in print and available from Nikt Nic Nie Wie.

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Unknown said...

I'm particularly fond of this band! The first release I picked up by them was Zmowa, which I am a big fan of. There is a lot more "eclectic" stuff going on in this album, and it's not particularly 'raw' in its production or anything, but there are a ton of stand-out tracks, in my opinion. Also, it has guest vocals from Dominika and Smok from Post Regiment, so how can you go wrong? Also, guest baby vocals from Dominika's daughter!!! Love it, don't know if you've checked that one out yet... Thanks!!!