22 January 2015


I remember cruising into a kitschy antique store on tour once, and Devon reluctantly following me. Of course I found nothing and Devon scored a pristine copy of Scrap Metal, the 1986 slab from CIVILISED SOCIETY?. I'm sure I got another record in some other store, but that one still miffs me because the only reason the dude was in the store was because he didn't want to wait for me outside. I might have been looking for a gift for my lady, who knows - who even cares?! I kinda think of them as a bridge between anarcho and UK metalpunk, all of the recordings I've heard are excellent, and their first record is a perfect place to start (or a great place to revisit). Here's Scrap Metal from a cassette released a while back, and I threw in a three track demo that includes versions of "Just A Dream" and "Carefree" along with a banger I haven't heard elsewhere (I can't really imagine it's really unreleased though) called "Carefree." 

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love this record to me it's there best released besides there demos