27 January 2015


This came in a package with a few killer hardcore tapes, and kinda passed me by at first listen. A lot of the melodic bands that people love are like that - even though sometimes I go back later and find out that I really like them, like J CHURCH (who I played with in Colorado in '94 and left the room before they played because I had heard they were a cool pop punk band...I told Lance about that night a decade later in my living room and we both laughed). Sometimes those bands get me right away, usually when they have a little grit, like NEON PISS (first song here is on par with the first track on the NEON PISS demo, by the way), and on a second visit that's exactly how French band GHOST TRAP strikes me. Whatever I wanted to hear when I first played this banger, it wasn't infectious and earnest punk played by a band with teeth (and, apparently, braces) that tear through the raspy melodies and guitars front and center dishing out Midwest HC hooks. Whatever I wanted to hear on that day was not this...I must have been in a weird mood that day. 

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