29 January 2015


The thing about tapes like this one is that it makes you wonder how many bands there are/were from weird suburbs. I mean, it's easy to make a list of crucial late '80s bands from San Francisco or Oakland...but what about South San Francisco, San Bruno or San Mateo? I'll be thinking about this raging thrash metal this morning while I'm settling down to a fun filled day in a cubicle near the SSF/San Bruno border, and I'll wonder what happened to these mutants. And I'll be thinking about that crew of teenagers with leather jackets and punk patches that I frequently see chilling near the San Bruno BART station when I'm on my way home, clearly up to no good and obviously on my team (even if they don't know it). Hardcore and thrash metal were fukkn made for the suburbs, and bands like this were fukkn made to be from the suburbs. Screaming, demented crossover/thrash insanity at its unpretentious best.

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Dean Dead said...

Original mix is even better... j/k