23 January 2015


If someone described this SF band to me, I am certain that I would skip right past them. Who wants rockabilly tinged catchy (read: poppy) punk in their life? Not this guy, right? Right. Songs about trucking and CBs and a faux honky tonk non-burner about '90s contemporaries that achieved fame and fortune simply doesn't appeal to me....yet CROSSTOPS did. Saw them a few times on accident and the shows were a fukkn blast. NOFX caliber energy and irreverence and enough manufactured redneck to sell out a SUPERSUCKERS show sounds like the most painful combination imaginable, right? Right. Yet this four song demo holds up after nearly twenty years. 


Brian Guy said...

Thanks for posting this. I have always had a soft spot for bands that have songs about trucking and such, and I always enjoyed this band even if at times their songs were painful to listen to.


Brian Guy

yellow.eyes said...

Continuing with the R K L references, you do know that Jason Sears and another R K L-ite play(ed) in this band--right?