15 January 2015


It's entirely possible that ULTRA LITE is contrived art punk drivel, but I'm inclined to believe that Slang Term For Hip Murder is nothing short of a brilliant piece of outsider noise. Disjointed ramblings and questionably tuned everything combine with a carpet bombing of various and sundry sounds and snappy, snotty, fukk you vocals. Tracks like "Portrait Of The Artist As A Piece Of Shit" certainly imply these New Orleans mutants are very very aware of what they are doing, and it doesn't make it any less appealing. I can't really picture a band consciously trying to manufacture a SOCKEYE vibe, but this one comes close and adds a stylish erratic swagger (I'm talking about the title track here). File under whatever you like, digest at your own risk, I can assure you it sounds even better on the way out. 

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