16 January 2015


Rumbling, chugging Norwegian hardcore, LASH OUT are way rawer on this demo than on any of their vinyl releases - kinda makes them seem like a posi band just about to plunge into metalcore abyss (for the record, they didn't go that route, their recordings just got beefier). "Note From The Death Planet" is the absolute banger, from the "kick it" after the intro to the mid-'80s SUICIDAL bass noodling (just saying that the dude's fills could have put in work on Join The Army, that's all), to the obligatory breakdown, this jam is pure gold even amongst top notch hc sounds with all the clichés. I like the records I've heard (certainly not all of them), so I was psyched when Daniel bequeathed the demo to me...just like you are going to be psyched a few moments after to decide to download it.

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